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Baby's Breath - end of line - limited stock

Baby's Breath - end of line - limited stock

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Erica Vale Seeds - Baby's Breath
Available Australia Wide
When to sow All year round sowing
Germination Easy (10-15 days)


Gypsophila Paniculata Double Snowflake' - Frost resistant perennial growing up to 90 cm.

Gypsophila Elegans 'Red Cloud' - Frost resistant annual growing up to 45 cm. 

One of the all time garden favourites. Attractive in clumps in the garden and popular for its daisy blooms in flower arrangements. Our unique packet contains two inner packets. One 'Double Snowflake' produces approximately 25% superb double blooms, the balance the traditional Baby's Breath with its airy froth of tiny white blooms. The other, 'Red Cloud' produces a profusion of carmine to mid-pink blooms on shorter plants. 

When to sow:

Sow at almost any time of the year except in the hottest months.