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Carrot Super Sweet F1

Carrot Super Sweet F1

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Erica Vale Seeds - Carrot Super Sweet
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination 10-21 days


The best eating carrot ever! A real first for the home gardener, an F1 hybrid carrot bred for flavour and ready in only 55 days (approx.) from sowing. Super sweet has a fresh crisp texture, yet is tender and juicy with the sweetest flavour. They are thick and have an appetising bright orange colour. The smooth roots grow to a long 15 - 25 cm. An outstanding home garden carrot which will do well in all Australian States.

When to sow:

Almost all year round except winter in cooler areas. These do well in all climates. Sow at 3 weekly intervals to provide a continuous supply of carrots.