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About us

Welcome to Buy Seeds Online!

Our aim is to inspire others to love their gardens. 

In modern times we are so used to having the convenience of buying everything we eat, but do we really know where it comes from or its full story? We have a great passion for growing our own fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers in our own backyard. There is such satisfaction in growing your own, not to mention you can control what goes into it and the produce always tastes better. We love to experiment with different recipes so having unique fruits and vegetables really excites us.    

Buy Seeds Online is a Brisbane based online store created to help gardeners find seeds that are not commonly available in stores. We have agreements set up with our vendors that allow us to offer our customers unique promotional varieties that are not available elsewhere. 

We decided to open our new online store stocking Ericavale Seeds as they are a family run Australian business and their range is both exciting and different. Ericavale Seeds has been around for 30+ years and has a great reputation in the gardening community.