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Mini Cauliflower Garant

Mini Cauliflower Garant

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Erica Vale Seeds - Mini Cauliflower Garant
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy (10-15 days)


Regular cauliflowers need considerable space, 75x75 cm to grow properly; however this is not the case with the mini variety method which allows direct sowing and growing only 15x15 cm apart. Garant is a unique early maturing type selected for this method (normal varieties are unlikely to be suitable). Now you can grow mini-caulis with distinct space savings and harvest almost any time except mid-Summer. 

When to sow:

Usually Summer and Autumn but may be extended well into Winter in all but the coldest areas. Avoid sowing so that the crop is maturing in the hotter months, normally around 80 days from sowing (compared to 4-6 months for normal varieties).