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Chinese Vegetables

Chinese Vegetables

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Erica Vale Seeds - Chinese Vegetables
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination 7-21 days 


Delightful, crisp and fresh, flavoursome vegetables. All are easy to
grow and prolific croppers. Providing the different flavours, textures
and colours essential to oriental cooking.
Bok Choy (Chinese Greens or Chard)
Crisp ice-white stems with fleshy leaves similar to spinach. Unique
flavour popular with children. High in fibre, Vitamin A & C and low in
Chinese Celery (Heung Kunn)
Easier and quicker to grow than celery. Fragrant, aromatic, with a more
delicate and appealing flavour. Can be grown indoors in pots.
Gow Choy (Chinese Chives)
Also known as garlic chives. Mild garlic flavour, easy to grow. Low
kilojoules. Source of Vitamin A & C.
Chinese Parsley (Coriander)
Leaves more tender than parsley. Flavour is zesty and lingers on the
tongue. Very easy to grow, use young plants like parsley, mature seeds
as spice (Coriander). Low kilojoules. Source Vitamin A & C, Iron and

When to sow:

Chinese Celery & Gow Choy
Indoors ( all year round ) Outdoors ( Spring, Summer and Autumn )
Bok Choy & Chinese Parsley
Spring, Summer and Autumn – Early Autumn in cold areas.