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Cucuzza Italian

Cucuzza Italian "Super Squash"

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Erica Vale Seeds - Cucuzza Italian "Super Squash" 
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Sowing
Germination Easy (10-14 days)


A rampant, easily grown Sicilian favourite. Cucuzza or Super Long Squash grows best on a trellis or other structure which can support the straight, dark green or slightly curved fruit. Before maturing at between 45-60cm, the dense, sweet, moist fruit can grow upto 2.5cm per day. Fruit is similar to a large zucchini with a hint of melon flavour which can be grilled, roasted, stewed or stuffed.  

When to sow:

In cooler climates, after the last frosts have passed in your area. In tropical areas, all year round.