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Dwarf Bean Snappy

Dwarf Bean Snappy

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Erica Vale Seeds - Dwarf Bean Snappy
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring Sowing
Germination Easy (7-14 days)


A top quality home garden variety producing long, straight, pencil shaped pods. They are 100% stringless at the edible stage and exceptionally fleshy due to the unusual absence of hollow gaps within the pod.
The superb bean flavour has been emphasised and the outer skin is smooth and tender. “Snappy” has excellent disease tolerance and performs well in wet or dry conditions.
Trials around Australia have shown it is highly suited to virtually all areas.

When to Sow:

In frost free areas from late Winter to early Summer. In cooler areas delay sowing until about the time of the last frosts in your area and continue sowing until early Summer. In warn northern regions all year round.