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Dwarf Impatiens Sun & Shade Mixed

Dwarf Impatiens Sun & Shade Mixed

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Erica Vale Seeds - Dwarf Impatiens & Shade Mixed
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy


An exciting new strain of naturally dwarf impatiens with compact uniform base-branching plants. Sun and Shade Mixed has 16 colours, shades and combinations including bi-colours and blushes all with a silken sheen. The good size 5cm blooms are produced so freely there are often more flowers than leaves. Many start to bloom when only 5cm high. Sun and Shade is idea for both hot humid areas and cooler climates. As the name suggested they well in sun or shade (a little taller in shade).

When to sow:

Early Spring, Summer and Autumn. In warm frost free areas almost any time. Full sowing and raising instructions are enclosed.