Dwarf Sugar Snap Pea

Dwarf Sugar Snap Pea

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Erica Vale Seeds - Dwarf Sugar Snap Pea
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring Sowing
Germination Easy (55 days)


Ready only 55 days from sowing. Definitely the preferred way to grow and eat peas - no need to spend time shelling as you east these whole - no waste. Produces a very heavy crop of big 8-9 cm fully edible pods with juicy sweet flesh. Try either raw or cooked in salads, soups and sandwiches in addition to familiar uses. The new variety is amazingly productive , grows just 60-75 cm tall and needs no support; however with a light support yield it will grow even higher. As an All American Selection silver medal winner Sugar Ann is a variety you can rely on. 

When to Sow:

Autumn, Winter and Spring depending on district. In warm areas sow to mature before really hot weather arrives. In cooler areas it can be grown for Summer picking. Pods are normally ready for picking from around 55 days from sowing.