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Favourite Herbs

Favourite Herbs

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Erica Vale Seeds - Favourite Herbs

Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy 


Cooking with herbs is a delight and having then in abundance is a luxury. Using fresh herbs adds greatly to the range of flavour in food. Erica Vale's favourite herbs pack is a very economical way to achieve this. All are easy to grow and are quickly available for use. Ideal for growing in pots on the window sill or direct in the garden.

6 individually labelled packets inside

Sweet Basil - widely used with tomatoes, eggs and seafood.

Chives - lighter onion flavour for salads and garnish.

Dill - cucumber, egg, cheese and fish dishes - piquant flavour.

Sweet Marjoram - stuffing, omelettes, poultry and lamb.

Summer Savoury - traditional seasoning for vegetables. 

Thyme - complements roast meats, French soups and stews

When to sow:

For indoor use you can sow at any time but for outdoor sowing wait until after the last frosts.