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Giant Sundew

Giant Sundew

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Erica Vale Seeds - Giant Sundew

Available Australia Wide
When to sow All year round sowing
Germination Easy 


Drosera capensis. Perennial Sundew growing 15cm in diameter and 15cm + tall. 

The sticky glands on the leaves are touch sensitive catching prey such as flies and other small insects by even a few sticky tentacles anywhere on the lamina region of the leaves. As prey struggles for freedom when caught by just a few marginal glands, they slowly bend along with their prey towards the centre of the lamina where where more glands encapsulate it. All of the sticky glands on the leaves moving in unison, slowly position the prey in the flat upper side of the main dewy surface of the lamina, where it drown in a pool of sticky vicious fluid. Now the smaller glands closer to the leaf digest the insect for its nutrients. the leaf unrolls and remains of the previous prey are wasted or blown away and the dewy leaf is reset for the next victim. 

When to sow:

All year round.