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Golden Berry

Golden Berry

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Erica Vale Seeds - Golden Berry

Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy (5-10 days)


Lightly frost resistant perennial in warmer areas. Grown as an annual in cooler areas with heavier fruit. Grows to 90-120cm, fruits in 5-6 months. 

A wonderfully exotic garden fruit. The rich golden berries are encased in a Chinese Lantern which protects them from birds and bugs. Being beautifully sweet and juicy these firm golden berries excel as a sweet or dessert fruit but are equally useful for jams and jellies. Fruit may be served in the same way as strawberries, raspberries, apples or pears. In some areas these plants may simply be grown as an ornamental shrub. 

When to sow: 

From late Winter to early Summer.