Leafless Pea Lacy Lady

Leafless Pea Lacy Lady

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Erica Vale Seeds - Leafless Pea Lacy Lady
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy (7-10 days)


A real breakthrough in pea breeding, the Leafless or semi-leafless pea. Tendrils have replaced most of the leaves allowing sunlight and air movement to reach right through the plants. The tendrils also make the 75 cm plants self supporting and divert more energy into pod production. The tightly filled pods are easy to see and pick. The bright green peas are exceptionally sweet flavoured and freeze well. 

When to sow:

Autumn, Winter and Spring depending on district. In warm areas sow to mature before really hot weather arrives. In cooler areas can groe for Summer picking. Pods are normally ready about 70 days from sowing.