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Oriental Stir Fry

Oriental Stir Fry

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Erica Vale Seeds - Oriental Stir Fry
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy


Packet contains 4 individual foils of: Pack Choy, Mustard Red Giant, Mizuna, Tatsoi.

These authentic oriental vegetables are becoming increasingly popular providing nutritious alternatives in texture, colour and flavour essential in stir fry and oriental cooking. 

Pack Choy - When picked at a young stage this vegetable is called Bok Choy (Chinese greens or chard). Crisp green stems with fleshy leaves similar to spinach. High in fibre, Vitamins A and C and low in kilojoules. 

Mustard Red Giant - Large dark purple and red leaves with white inner rib. Tender, pleasant mustard flavour.

Mizuna - Narrow deeply cut dark green fringed leaves. Multi stemmed and vigorous. Tasty and high in vitamins. 

Tatsoi - Deep green spoon shaped leave on thick white glossy stems. Tender, high in flavour and vitamins. 

When to sow:

All are easily grown almost all year round except in very hot areas. Very cold tolerant.