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Parsley Chefs Choice

Parsley Chefs Choice

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Erica Vale Seeds - Parsley Chefs Choice
Available Australia Wide
When to sow All year round sowing
Germination Easy (3-4 weeks)


Curled Leaf - The perfect parsley for growing in pots, whether in the windowsill, in patios, balconies etc. Dwarf, compact and spread outward rather than upward. A fully curled, piquantly flavoured variety with a beautiful deep green appearance.

Flat leaf

The chefs choice is said to be sweeter and nuttier and more versatile. Whether for a vinaigrette, freshly chopped over seafood, chicken or meat. Added to stews and soups, pairs perfectly with tomato, eggs and onions. 

When to sow:

Sown from early Spring onward for Summer crop and through to Autumn for a Winter supply. Indoors all year round.