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Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plant

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Erica Vale Seeds - Pitcher Plant

Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination 6 - 8 weeks
Seeds per packet 6


Sarracenia Species Mixed

This highly, ornamental and decorative mixture of truly insect eating plants has inspired the imagination of movie makers and science fiction writers alike. Insects are lured to their doom by the reward of sweet nectar below the lid and around the entrance of the pitcher. As the insect makes contact with the waxy surface or downward pointing hairs below the entrance to the trap, the pitcher curves inwards causing the victim to slip into the pool of fluid at the base of the pitcher. The captured prey drowns and adds to the insect soup and digestive fluids. The resulting beneficial nutrients from the prey are taken in by the plant.
Special note: Pitcher plants may be grown indoors. In some garden situations, they may be grown outdoors provided they are partly shaded during the heat of summer. They are hardy except in the coldest of climates.

When to sow:

All year round if the correct care is taken and conditions suit.