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Pumpkin Old Favourites Mixed

Pumpkin Old Favourites Mixed

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Erica Vale Seeds - Pumpkin Old Favourites Mixed
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring Sowing
Germination Easy (6-10 days)


A collection of the best of the best pumpkins, this mix will contains some of the following:
Queensland Blue - Skin green turning blue, ceased fruit with deep orange flesh, for roasting, scones.
Jarrahdale - Similar to Queensland Blue with grey skin and orange flesh for roasting, boiling.
Butternut - A yellow pear shaped variety with fruit 1-2kg and deep orange flesh, for roasting, soups.
Gramma - Also known as Trombone, is horse shoe shaped with sweet yellow flesh, for pumpkin pie.
Jap & Paw Paw - Speckled green and yellow skinned fruits for all cooking needs.

When to Sow:

In warmer areas, July to March. In cooler areas September to January. In cold areas, October to December.