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Rare Scented Basil

Rare Scented Basil

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Erica Vale Seeds - Rare Scented Basil

Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy 


Four uniquely scented basils, easy to grow yet rarely available. All are true basil varieties with the different flavour characteristics their name describes. Excellent plants in the garden where their scents make them quite irresistible. While the amazing array of fragrances and flavours are a constant source of inspiration in the kitchen. 

4 different flavours ('how to grow', 'how to use' and recipe ideas enclosed)

Lemon Basil - Intense lemon fragrance. Ideal for tea and potpourri. Compact bushy plant, small pointed green leaves and white flowers. 

Cinnamon Basil - Intense natural cinnamon fragrance and taste. Rosy flower spikes and shiny green leaves. 

Licorice Basil - Sweet anise fragrance and flavour. Aromatic purplish/green fringed foliage..

Holy Basil - Heady, deep spicy close scent, particularly when crushed. Soft green leaves and pink flowers

When to sow:

Early spring to early Autumn.