Russian Comfrey

Russian Comfrey

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Erica Vale Seeds - Russian Comfrey

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When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing - All year round
Germination Easy 


Symphytum Officinale. Frost resistant herbaceous perennial. Height 90-120cm.

Comfrey is a fountain shaped plant with broad hairy leaves. Flowers are quite different, bell shaped, varying from pink to deep blue and hanging in terminal clusters. In itself comfrey is a lovely plant for large borders or very suitable as a potted herb. Comfrey is frost resistant at all stages of growth adapting itself to a wide range of positions and soil types, including protected coastal situations but is drought tender. 

It is reputed that comfrey has been extensively used as a medicinal herb. It is said to contain a hormone - like substance, allantain that stimulates cell division making comfrey useful for healing bruises, sprains, wounds and ulcers. Poultices of leaves or roots are used. 

When to sow: 

All year round.