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Strawberry Spinach

Strawberry Spinach

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Erica Vale Seeds - Strawberry Spinach
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination 7 - 14 days 


Strawberry Spinach, a highly ornamental and useful plant, is easily grown and completely edible. Plants are low growing in crowns of symmetrical, triangular leave
with toothed edges. Flower spikes on which berries will grow, emerge above the core of the plant crown.

Spinach leaves taste similar to English Spinach but with a slightly nutty flavour. Picked
young they are great in salads and when older may be cooked. Berries may grow to 12mm across, starting out green and ripening to dark red. They have a mild sweetness and can be used to make jam. Darkest berries are sweetest. Berries may be used as a salad garnish. After fruiting, the plant may be dug up and the root used, sliced in salads or added to soups, stews or hot pots. 
Strawberry Spinach is rich in vitamin A & C. Width to 30cm.

When to sow:

Start sowing in late Summer and continue until late Winter, even early Spring in cold areas. As the plants grow quickly make successive sowings every 3-4 weeks. 10-15 plants will provide plenty for the average family.