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Tomato Salad Pack

Tomato Salad Pack

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Erica Vale Seeds - Tomato Salad Pack
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination 7-14 days


Solanum lycopersicum (4 superb tomatoes for salads, sandwiches or cooking - all individually packed and named)

Beefsteak Tomato
Deliciously flavoured variety with fruits up to 350g or more. Known for its large firm slices. (Seedling to harvest approx 85 days).
Egg Tomato ‘Roma’
A much improved Roma, bigger fruit and bigger cropping. Better disease resistance and nearly seedless. Excellent for bottling, juices or fresh. (Harvest 70 days).
Early Cropping ‘Marmande’
Big tomatoes, superb flavour, ideal for early crops. Sets fruit in cooler conditions. (Harvest 62 days).
Golden-Orange ‘Sunray’
Large yields, sweet mild flavour, meaty flesh and attractive appearance. Firm, smooth fruit simply wonderful to eat. (Harvest 83 days).

When to sow:

Early crops can be started mid-Winter onward but for eventual indoor planting sow seed 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost in your area and then onward periodically through Spring and Summer.