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Zucchini Gourmet's Selection

Zucchini Gourmet's Selection

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Erica Vale Seeds - Zucchini Gourmet's Selection
Available Australia Wide
When to sow Spring / Autumn Sowing
Germination Easy


A superb mixture of different varieties of this very popular and versatile vegetable. Packet includes golden yellow, white and light and dark varieties (subject to harvest). All compact bush types. Amazingly prolific, zucchinis are delicious served in a variety of ways. Young fruits may be sliced raw for salads, steamed or cooked with tomatoes or onions. Larger fruits may be stuffed or baked. 

When to sow:

From late Winter indoors for an early crop or sow outdoors at least a week after the expected time of the last frosts in your area up to until mid Summer.